When the homeowner contacted Sam the Painter about this project, they wanted to take their vinyl siding from a light grey to a dark blue.  If you are not an experienced painter, you would not know that you can paint vinyl siding, but only with vinyl-safe paint formula. The homeowner also asked if we could do an exterior trim replacement. To both requests, we said, “Absolutely. Not a problem.” We eventually replaced approximately 300 feet of bad trim and then custom-built a beautiful pediment above one of the bedroom windows. Of course, we pressure-washed the entire exterior of the home, not only for paint adhesion but to make our five-year painting guarantee valid. The next step was to remove all bad trim and replace it with new trim that was primed front and back. You need to prime both sides to ensure the wood stays sealed and does not rot again. Then, we caulked all wood joints and filled all nail holes to protect the wood from the elements and present a more pleasing finished appearance. Next, we prepped and masked all work areas, to protect the homeowner’s property. Then Sam the Painter applied two coats of paint to the vinyl siding using an airless paint sprayer. After the siding was done, it was time to paint the trim. We applied two coats to the pedestrian doors, garage doors, shutters, lamp post, and all wood trim — using a brush and roller technique.  After all the painting was completed Sam and his crew did a thorough clean-up, with the goal of removing any sign that they were there besides the amazing finishes that they applied. We used Sherwin Williams Super Paint and the results spoke for themselves. At the end of the project, as with all jobs, Sam personally walked the entire home with the customer to make certain everything was above their standards, and they were happy with the services they received.

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