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Selecting a residential painting contractor can be excruciatingly difficult. For one, how do you know the company is qualified to help assist you with deciding what color you want to paint your house? And there’s the worry that they won’t show up, or worse, they ruin your walls. Here is a checklist to help guide you through the process:
  • Make certain they offer a warranty on their work. If they do not stand behind their work for years to come, neither should you. Sam the Painter offers a five-year warranty on its residential painting work.
  • Ask for references and samples of their work
  • Make certain your painter offers a wide range of colors you can choose from. Ideally, they should be able to create any color your heart is set on.
  • Make sure they go over with you exactly how they are going to prepare your home for the job you have hired them to do.
  • A final walk-through is essential. If the company doesn’t offer one, ask them to hold one for you. Make certain everything has been completed.

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